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Easy Barcode Scanning with JavaScript

It seems like it should be easy to scan barcodes from your web browser. You should just be able to point your camera at a barcode and let the browser do all the work. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been a easy solution – until now. Introducing is a website that allows you start… Read More »


Amazon shut down its giveaway program back in October of 2019. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. In what little spare time I’ve had lately, I put together a new web site, Giveaway.City, that provides an up-to-date list of Amazon Giveaways. If you’ve never participated in an Amazon Giveaway, they’re actually pretty… Read More »

Adding Mass Actions to Magento Orders

I recently needed to add the ability to perform mass actions to Magento’s order screen.  I’m far from being a Magneto expert, but I was able to find several examples online that got me part of the way there.  After some experimentation and learning, I finally succeeded in adding the most crucial feature we were… Read More »

Toast Yourself

A while back, I created a Facebook profile picture of myself “burned” onto a piece of toast.  At the time, it was a quiet rebellion against those that believe that the random shapes and patterns that appear in food items are somehow divinely inspired. My toasty profile picture was well received by my friends, one… Read More »

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