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Touch Screen on the Arduino Mega 2560

This is an addition to my post about the Touch Screen Shield for Arduino UNO, so if you’ve landed here, that may be a good place to start for more information. Several people have asked about using this touch screen shield with the Arduino Mega, but I didn’t have much advice to offer because I… Read More »

Touch Screen Shield for Arduino UNO

I’d like to start compiling information about the screens people are using. Please visit this page before you go, where I also have a sketch that attempts to read the LCDs driver code without any additional libraries. My First Shield I was looking for some type of touch screen for the Arduino when I ran… Read More »

Bitmap Converter for Arduino LCD

I wrote this small utility last night to convert 24-bit bitmaps, which somewhat inconveniently load from the bottom up, into a 16-bit, top-down format that can be directly loaded into the graphic memory of the small LCD I’m working with (see more here).  The result is a pretty drastic increase in load speed, not to… Read More »